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Why Work With
Being Well Counseling Services?

Clients should understand that when they work with Being Well Counseling Services, they’re getting therapy from therapists who have spent time establishing trauma-informed techniques for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Our goal is to help clients understand how earlier experiences in life could be impacting their current life. This is accomplished through the use of various therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Trauma Informed Care, or other evidence-based therapeutic interventions and strategies for symptom reduction and improved quality of life.

Our approach to treatment is multi-systematic and tailored to the needs of each unique client. As therapists, we take the time to understand and hear each client's needs before collaborating with them to design a care plan that is based on their strengths.


Service Fees

  • Initial Intake Session $185 

  • Individual Session $140.00 

  • Family/Couples $150.00 

  • Group/Classes (Please contact for rate) 

  • Alcohol and Substance Assessment $250 

*Please contact to  discuss a sliding fee for those in need.  

*Accepting insurance: Aetna, BCBSTX, Cigna, Military One Source, TriCare, Optum, United Health Care,  employer EAP, TriWest HealthCare Alliance (CCN)

Individual Counseling

Provides a private and safe space for individuals to process and explore personal issues that are disrupting social relationships, school, finances and work life. The first session is focused on gathering information to help the therapist better understand why you are seeking counseling. 

Couples/Family Counseling

If you’re having difficulties at home, you may want to think about family or marriage counseling. Both of these options can assist you in resolving problems and improving your capacity to communicate with your partner and family members. Marriage counseling focuses on the couple's needs, while family counseling may involve either one parent and one child, or it could include the entire family. 

Group Counseling

Groups may provide an environment of safety for clients to learn from others who are going through similar challenges, as well as allowing them to discover their voice to self-advocate and improve their quality of life. Groups provide immediate feedback by acting as a sounding board for self-reflection, while promoting the development of appropriate social skills and emotional regulation.

Infertility Counseling and Support

Providing support to individuals and couples who are experiencing reproductive issues related to miscarriage and infertility. Support will include processing emerging relationship issues and challenging emotions related to infertility and pregnancy loss.  

Telehealth/Online Therapy

Individuals can access their appointment from the comfort of their own home by using HIPPA compliant telemedicine software through a secure platform. This alternative removes the barrier to care and allows clients to receive the care that they need to thrive. 


*Not all clients are approved for this option. 

Parenting Classes (coming soon)

Before finalizing a divorce involving minor children or when amending court orders, many Texas Family Courts require a parenting class. In addition, Child Protective Services may require parents to attend parenting programs. As part of a child abuse case, a judge might also ask or order parents to attend parenting classes.   


This course will teach parents the fundamentals of child development so that they can have realistic expectations for their children. It will teach parents how to manage and resolve misbehavior using proper, non-aggressive discipline. By the end of the course parents will be able to recognize and utilize their parenting strengths to effectively parent.  Additionally, this course will offer parents encouragement and support during difficult family transitions. 

Supervision Services

Supervision is essential for an LPC Associate's growth and development. LPC Associates must complete a minimum of 3000 hours of clinical experience while working under the supervision of a board-approved LPC Supervisor for a minimum of 18 months. Services for supervision aid in the formation and development of solid ethical and clinical abilities. Supervision training includes: mock session role-play to assess clinical skills, case consultation, clinical charting and documentation training and peer support via group or didactic supervision sessions.  

Social Work Supervision

The process includes clinical supervision of a Licensed Master Social Worker, who is providing clinical services and is under a Council-approved supervision plan to fulfill supervision requirements for achieving the LCSW.

Within 30 days of beginning the supervised work, he or she must develop and submit a supervision plan that will lay out the steps to meet requirements. In a minimum of 24 months, candidates must complete 3,000 hours of work and 100 hours of supervision. Face-to-face supervision per week for the duration of the supervision period. 

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